The break out star from Friday alongside Ice cube Faizon Love is not playing game with the young crowd !!!

Love stated that these kids can fuck around on twitter but they should not be disrespectful in real life because he will check them with the quickness. on Tuesday Love was arrested after he beat the dog shit out of a valet attendant at the Columbus Ohio airport. on Wednesday love pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor assault charges.


Watch Actor Faizon Love Beat Down an Airport Worker


Love grabbed the unidentified man’s neck and threw him to the ground like a piece of dog chicken. The video appears to show Love slamming the fuck-boy’s head into a desk before the altercation was broken up. Love was held overnight and released on $2,000 bond. The valet attendant situation is unknown.


Watch Actor Faizon Love Beat THE DOG CRAP OUT OF A Airport Worker he probably didn't have his Bud
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