One of our top great actors Jonah Hill, 33 who stared in 22 Jump Street &War Dogs attends the Guild Awards on Jan. 29, 2017 looking incredibly amazing. For Jonah this is not the first time he lost weight. This time he sure looks healthy an lively. Jonah is Glowing all around the awards with his great look. For Jonah Dropping 40lb must not been easy but as we can see Jonah Hill is committed to keeping healthy, credited to his long-time friend co/star Channing Tatum. We are so happy to see Jonah take control of his life and his health once again. We definitely can’t wait to see him in the next film MANIAC, its a Dark Comedy TV serious coming to Netflix. Will Premier 2018 …Sooo Exciting!!!


Tell us, CELEBDiners — What do YOU think about Jonah’s weight loss and body transformation? Comment below, let us know!

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